Woodcraft Manor

2111 Park Grove Avenue
Rooms in a Grand Victorian Landmark

Woodcraft Manor

If you're a serious student looking for a quiet environment, consider Robinson Residences. Our houses are the finest in the USC area, offering campus-close rooms, apartments and whole houses with modern amenities in uniquely elegant historic settings.

Our neighborhood, north of Adams Boulevard, boasts the lowest crime rates of any neighborhood within walking distance of USC.

Lacey Schauwecker
Griffith Hall

"The Robinsons really care about their residents! I've never lived in such a homey apartment before, feeling both safe...

Juan Rubalcava
Wallace House

"My first time living away from home, I couldn't have made a better decision than choosing Robinson Residences...

Britta Roosendahl
Arabella's House

"Arabella's House is the first college residence that has actually felt like home to me. Unlike many of the temporary apartments...

Sean Gordon-Loebl
Montgomery House

"The Robinsons were the first, and only, landlords I met in the four years who really cared about my comfort and experience...

Bridget Ward
The Carriage House

"My brother and I have been living in the "Carriage House" for more than a semester now, and thus far it has been nothing short of a great experience.

Joel Marsh
Griffith Hall

"I live in Griffith hall, on the third floor, and this is my very first year in LA, and I could not imagine a better place to live...

Neetu George
Wallace House

"After I had this horrid experience living at another complex, I wanted something with an administration that actually listened...

Tyler Zalmanzig
Griffith Hall

"I would be glad to say a few words about living here. Parking and internet included in each month's rent is a great feature...

Jascha Marchuk and Christa Niznik
Griffith Hall

"Living at Griffith Hall is very convenient. It's nice to not have to worry about driving to campus and paying for parking...

Kishan Patel
Arabella's House

"On the property: Robinson Residences are doing a wonderfully important thing in the community just north of USC...

Carey Oster
Griffith Hall

"I have lived in Griffith Hall for two years while attending grad school at USC. Griffith Hall is smartly divided into individual...

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